The Conversation Series "Healing" (Commission, 2015)
297x420mm, watercolour on 300gsm cold pressed Arches paper

A Conversation for Emily

Emily loved 'The Conversation Series' and asked for her own. She's a nurturing soul, and asked me to channel 'love and healing for all children and the planet'.

I wove together three elements - the green and gold of the planet coming up strong from the base, the purple and pink of children coming down from the top, and then a vibrant joyful orange binding them together where they overlap. The ovals are connected and intertwined, to remind us that even though it sometimes feels like we are all on our own journey, nothing we do is completely independent of each other. In the section where they overlap, I gave the ovals a purple/pink shadow so that they look three dimensional, another reminder of our planet.

The vibrancy and rhythm of the work is so soothing to look at. Thanks for asking me to do this piece for you Emily, it was a joy to paint 💚

You can commission me if you need your own 'Conversation'. You can also buy prints of the series and products featuring my designs at my store on Society6.

The Conversation Series "Healing" (Commission, 2015)
297x420mm, watercolour on 300gsm paper