Photo credit Chris Riordan @sumo_21

Photo credit Chris Riordan @sumo_21

Hello, I'm Alex

Thanks for visiting Love Arkie - my place to share one of my creative passions.

I've studied or made art almost all my life. But I've only recently started sharing these works beyond close friends and family, and I've been touched by the positive response it's received.

Art is my meditation. I find the process of planning, executing, analysing and appreciating a work incredibly calming. When I'm not painting, I'm 'a busy working mum'. Art forces me to stop thinking, to take notice, to allow myself to make mistakes, and to be vulnerable - all healthy and crucial pastimes that don't always get much air time.

I'm inspired by my natural surroundings here in Sydney, Australia. A bush walk, a trip to the beach, even a stroll to the park are all opportunities to absorb that can later result in a new colour palette, shape or texture in my work.

I'm also passionate about creating affordable art. I think everyone should have the chance to own and be inspired by beautiful original works (even kids). If you like any of the pieces on this site, contact me to see if it's available, or you can commission me to create something completely unique.

If you'd like to buy one of my works as a print (or throw cushion or phone cover or even a wall clock and more), you can visit my store on Society6 for a range of products featuring my works.

If you're feeling social, follow me on Instagram where I post my latest pieces, experiments and inspiration. Love Arkie is on Facebook and I also have a Tumblr (because didn't we all?) where I've been over sharing on the Internet since 2009. 

I'm happiest talking art and words and little moments, so get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Alex x

Alex Bailey-Charteris
March 2015